Frank Califano

Frank is still an active competitor who received his black belt certification from Master Fabio Santos, the only 7th degree coral belt in San Diego County.

Frank is a resident of Alpine who has been been involved in coaching youth sports in the Alpine Community for over 15 years.


Geoff Real

Born with a birth defect that left him without a left hand, Geoff never let his handicap stop him from pursuing his dreams and achieving success. He started wrestling at the early age of 13 and was the first wrestler from his high school to letter in varsity and attend the state championship as a freshman. He later discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and achieved his Black Belt in just 6 years at the young age of only 25.

Geoff has competed extensively at various tournaments such as Pan Americans, Worlds, No-Gi Worlds, and EBI 5x, against some of the worlds top level competitors. He began the pursuit of a professional MMA career at age 26, and presently competes as a professional MMA fighter. Geoff exemplifies quality instruction and a true passion for the sport. He brings a positive, no excuses attitude to everything he does, and passes on that attitude to his students. 


Alpine BJJ academy is a direct affiliate of Fabio SantosAcademy



Fabio is a 7th degree Jiu-Jitsu Coral belt (Black & Red) awarded by Relson Gracie, having graduated as a black belt under Rickson Gracie. Fabio was one of the first BJJ belts to come to the U.S. in the 1980’s.


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